Deeply Rooted is a very personal output. I try and share music with people that is very close to my heart, whether by releasing music from producers I admire or by presenting my own material. It is not supposed to represent one sound or one style but it hopefully showcases my sensitivity.

When releasing other people's music, I try and work closely with artists and discuss their concept and ideas. I always keep an open mind, but also like to consider the benefit of a possible change or edit for the benefit of the release. As for my passion as a DJ, my work with the label goes through phases. For instance at times I try and present a certain flavour. I also always use my instinct to approach certain artists when I feel the time is right to release their music. This is the same with visuals: I try and capture the emotion of the moment.

I'm now collaborating closely with Keffer again, which is great as he really gets where i'm trying to go with the label in terms of having a strong aesthetic whilst still being very open minded musically.

When it comes to Deeply Rooted nights, I approach them in two different ways:

Firstly, the Rex Club in Paris is our home base where I have played for almost 25 years. I feel very free at Rex Club when it comes to presenting, what I call, musical meetings. For instance recently we had the legendary Moritz Von Oswald as well as the UK prodigy Pangaea on the same bill. The concept for this one was to have a true legend meet a young and brilliant artist.

Secondly, when preparing line ups for international nights I try and feature artists who have released on the label so that they can showcase their sound, as well as friends of the label. I'm always bearing in mind how these artists interact in order to try and create an interesting dynamic of musical discovery. DJ Deep